The Chancellor!

Custom neckplate!

Body contours!

Catwhisker Jazzrange pickups!

12th fret inlays!

Groover tuners!

This example have an ebony fretboard.

3-way switch

Custom DSG/Staytrem vibrato and Staytrem bridge!

Many color options are available, even for the pickguard sections!

Binding and matching headstock!

Volume and tone controls! Tone control have roll-off treble cut and roll-on bass cut!

The Electric VI!

The Electric VI!

The Electric VI

Groover deluxe tuners!

Custom neckplate!

This prototype has black binding ALL around the headstock!

Black binding!

Volume, tone and killswitch!

Each half coil have a separate switch with off/on/on phase reverse!

Bass- and treble cut switches!

Electric VI Headstock!

Electric VI Headstock!

This example has got Curtis Novak Pickups!

Staytrem bridge and Staytrem/DSG tremolo!

The color is called Charcoal Frost!

The Marauder II!

Pearloid pickguard!

Rhythm circuit holds on, vol and tone with a brighter tone than the main circuit.

Three on/off switches for each pickup and two phase switches for the mid and bridge pickups.

This example has a vintage mustang bridge and NOS vol and tone knobs.

Bridge pickup is a Crash Magnetic Transducers pickup!

Mid and neck pickup are From the Fender Jaguar AV65 series.

The Telemaster!

Electrosocket output!

Custom neck plate!

String through!

Telemaster Headstock!

McNelly Pickups!

Joe Barden bridge!