The Chancellor
Electric VI
Marauder II





Alder, Arm & Belly contours.



Maple, bound rosewood fingerboard, offset or conventional dot markers,

25.5" scale, 7,5 or 9,5 radius, 2 way truss rod, bone nut.



Grover Kluson style tuners, JM style custom DSG tremolo, Staytrem bridge






Soild white

Solid black



Novak’s, McNelly’s, Lollar’s, or whatever you desire.



Gloss or Satin nitro finish, color of your choice. Solids or metallics.

Body color matched to headstock swoosh(Electric VI and Marauder II).



Chancellor controls:

3-way switch for pickup selection in the lower horn.

Volume and tone knobs as well as the output in the main control plate. The tone knob comes with a center detent and roll-off from that is  an ordinary tone -off while roll-on from detent is a variable bass cut.

Electric VI controls:

Upper horn holds high pass and low pass switches.

Diamond plate holds four 3-way switches, one for each half-coil with off/on/on phase inverted.

Main control plate holds volume and tone knobs as well as a killswitch and output.

Marauder controls: 

Upper horn contains 1 meg pots making the rhythm circuit a tad clearer than the main controls in opposite to the traditional Jazzmaster/Jaguar circuit.

Lower horn holds three on/off pickup switches for each pickup and two phase invert switches for the bridge and mid pickups.

Main control plate holds volume, tone, output and killswitch.

Telemaster controls:

Telecaster 3-way switch and tone and volume knobs.